HELLO, I'm Laila Forster.

My no-nonsense, collaborative approach combines big-picture thinking and detailed execution to help creative organizations move forward. I work with companies and teams to accomplish their vision, and I am passionate about helping them work better so they can make better work.

I believe that process and project management are essential and, when applied creatively and strategically, make room for great ideas to become great experiences. 

Welcome to Tuxedo Monsters Inc. Let’s get it done. Together.


I provide cross-disciplinary services that span project and account management, workflow and process planning, and brand/marketing/content strategy and development. My clients come to me to break down complex projects, visualize a clear roadmap, cultivate deep relationships, and expertly guide them to success. 

I started TMI to provide a flexible resource for companies and agencies that are experiencing a transformation, searching for clarity, or looking for a hand to get them out of the weeds. I can drop in for a day of brainstorming, consult on a tightly-defined project, or embed myself longer-term in your organization. 

Drop me a line. Let’s talk about how I can help your organization get it done. 

NEW WORKSHOP: BANISHING THE CREATIVE BLACK MARKET    An all-day workshop meant to help organizations and teams create work that is more inspired and inspiring. 


An all-day workshop meant to help organizations and teams create work that is more inspired and inspiring. 


Over the years, I've helped over 50 brands achieve their goals – from Fortune 100s to small businesses, from consumer packaged goods to nonprofits, luxury hotels, and tech start-ups. Below is a sample of recent clients and collaborators.

in their words

Laila possesses the rare and invaluable combination of strategic thought, creativity, and process-focused deployment. She is left, right, and if it’s possible, middle brained.
— Allison Lombardo, VP Marketing, E.V. Roberts
She transformed a monumental undertaking into a manageable long-term project that led to a successful conclusion, all the while ensuring that we (including the client) never lost sight of the ideals that inspired the project in the first place.
— Patrick McGovern, Strategic Director, Wondros
I couldn’t have asked for a better resource to help me get up to speed on the brand. Laila’s intimate knowledge of the brand, and her collaborative and uber-organized nature made my transition into the role as seamless as it could possibly be. She’s a creative thinker with an eye for great strategy and compelling creative; it was a pleasure working with her to execute the campaign across multiple media streams and markets.
— Misha Algeo, Senior Brand Manager, Hubert's Lemonade


From my first days 'on the job' I have been helping teams work smarter, faster, and stronger. I have been called 'The Wolf,' a herder of cats, a strategic project manager, 'the big guns,' a magician, a ringleader. I enjoy making *just enough* order out of chaos. My goal is to build stronger businesses while giving the strategic and creative processes room to run, not hemming them in with rules and restraints. 

I have led client services and project management disciplines for some of the top independent branding, design, and advertising agencies. I have led marketing for the country's (and some say the world's) top fashion trade shows. I have helped my clients achieve - and exceed - their goals time and time again. I even helped a client break a Guinness World Record. 

I have helped agencies manage clients and take on projects they weren't sure they could. I have helped clients manage agencies and establish productive, rewarding relationships. 

I have worked with some of the same clients and colleagues off and on for nearly 20 years. I have had clients become collaborators, and collaborators become clients. 

In 2017, I totally geeked out and achieved my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification via the Project Management Institute

I started Tuxedo Monsters Inc. to help people make great things. These days, I call myself the Head Wrangler. 

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